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Our Teacher

Fanny is a hardcore athlete engaging in sporting activities such as running, wakeboarding, golfing and skiing. She sustained different levels of injuries and often suffered from ankle, knee and hip joint pain. In order to relieve the pain and continue with her passion for sports, she quit her job and started studying Pilates in California. One year later, she pursued further studies in related areas, Gyrotonic in Korea and Gyroknesis in Hong Kong. Fanny suffered from a serious ski accident and injured her left hip joint four years ago. She eventually found the miracle cure for the excruciating pain. By doing GT, GK, and other exercises regularly, not only did she experience greater flexibility and a wider range of motion, she actually felt stronger than before. The time spent on strengthening the weak areas paid off; Kit reckons everyone could become happier, healthier & stronger as long as they keep moving.


Fanny cannot wait to share her rewards with the world, “Let’s keep moving together!” is her motto.

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